Making the best of the rest of your life

You've received bad news. It feels like you've hit a brick wall! You can't believe it. You don't know how to go on. Nothing will ever be the same again. You think the rest of your life will be dark, lonely . . .

The surprise comes automatically, unexpectedly; a reappraisal, a new depth, a new authenticity emerges. You are alive in a way you've never been before.

Is this you? your loved one? your patient?

Kathleen's presentations and books offers the spiritual surprises that emerge for individuals, patients and caregivers who struggle to make sense of their lives in the midst of serious illnesses or disasters. Patients’ stories with interventions allow and inspire professional caregivers to enter into their patients and families lives with compassion and effectiveness.

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Because You’ve Never Died Before by Kathleen J. Rusnak, Ph.D.
Because You've Never Died Before:
Spiritual Issues at the End of Life

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NPR April, 2019

Dr. Kathleen Rusnak on NPR:
"Because You've Never Died Before: Spiritual Issues at the End of Life"

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Dr. Kathleen Rusnak & Brad Minnick of KUAR Little Rock, AR, Public Radio